I have been neglecting this blog, and I’m sorry.  I’ll try to do better.

I had to post this wonderful thing I was exposed to by one of my employees (who’s more wacked than I am).  This is the story of my marriage and probably it’s ultimate demise 🙂  Peep.


I stole this from my friend’s blog, but finders keepers…

Sweet Thing

I don’t know how long this video will last, but had to post it…

I had been debating on whether I liked this song. I do sometimes, and sometimes it’s junk to me. The vid is hot though, so here it is for you to enjoy.


I have been listening to this album non-stop for a week now. I agree with WFPK that this is THE album of the summer!
Not too many albums are a complete listen, meaning you don’t have to skip any songs. My faves though are: Lisztomania (been listening for a while), Girlfriend, 1901, and Fences. Like I said though, all of them are quality. Pick this up, or download it (legally, bastards).

JM vs MJI didn’t get to see the Michael Jackson memorial, but got updates on Twitter.  I saw that John Mayer was covering Human Nature, and that was the only moment I wished that I watching.  Well, now I don’t have to wish any longer, because Urb has a recording of it.   Here’s the link to listen to it.


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