Gossip In The Grain Review

Ray Lamontange’s new album Gossip In The Grain is my new soundtrack for fall and winter. Despite some of the New Orleans “southern cooking” feel to the album, Ray captures the essence of a chilly winter’s night beautifully. Tracks such as “Let It Be Me” and “Winter Birds” and “I Still Care For You”Album Art are great examples of this. His voice morphs into your favourite flannel pajamas or a perfectly brewed, some what bitter, cup of coffee. It has a somehow coarse, grainy sound yet manages to fit right into the notch with the rest of the music. Contradictory to his previous records, Gossip In The Grain shows a somewhat southern side of Ray that hadn’t been exposed before. The track “Hey Me, Hey Mama” represents this immensely. It features a banjo and towards the end a trumpet right out of the French Quarter. Adding this element of southern jazz enriched the album to what I never thought it could be. Not only this, but in “Henry Nearly Killed Me (It’s A Shame)” there is a guitar and trumpet sound faintly reminiscent of the great Beatles themselves. All in all, Gossip In The Grain was a success. Ray Lamontange is a dynamic music an who, if you haven’t already, should definitely check out.


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