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I have been neglecting this blog, and I’m sorry.  I’ll try to do better.

I had to post this wonderful thing I was exposed to by one of my employees (who’s more wacked than I am).  This is the story of my marriage and probably it’s ultimate demise 🙂  Peep.

Sweet Thing

I don’t know how long this video will last, but had to post it…

I was listening to my iPod this morning, and seemed to notice a few Hillary Duff tracks pop up on random.  Really?  Of course, I rank all of the songs that pop up, and gave them both a single star.  My step-daughter noticed this and it seemed to irk her (now I know who ripped the CDs into iTunes).  So I wondered, if there really was anything to her singing…

Here’s what I found, and was disappointed, especially in the sample, and whole basic concept, of her taking Personal Jesus and making it her own.  Peep.

amosleedvdOne of my favorite artists, Amos Lee, release a live DVD today.  I need to wait until Friday, because I’m a little scrapped, but this is a MUST HAVE.

My wife and I have seen him live 4 times, and I think he definitely marks our time together.

If you don’t know who Amos is, you surely have been missing out on a truly great musician.  Peep all the links, search for him on YouTube!

Links and a video after the break.

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I have had this article for a couple of days.  I want to get it out to more people, since it seems not many people have heard about it locally.  Here is a link to the article and the video.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – A Louisville music school that helps at risk students is missing more than $9,000 in valuables after a burglary. The West Louisville Talent Education Center helps students who normally cannot afford violin lessons to learn from an expert. But the tools Keith Cook uses to teach his students are now gone. As WAVE 3’s Maira Ansari reports, now the school is trying to replace some of that equipment as it continues to play on.

If you would like to help the West Louisville Talent Education Center, call 502-776-4696.

Please give if you can.

I saw this posted on RCRD LBL‘s site, and fell in love instantly.  This video unbelievably is available for download on the iTunes Music Store.  Cop it there, or peep the vid here.

He released this to go along with Obama’s election.  Peep the video. (thanks to HiphopDX for the info)

girltalk performingI am a fan of Mash Ups and the artists that create them (in the studio or live).  Being a DJ, this is something you always try to create live to “freak” the crowd.  If you dont’ know what I’m talking about, check out some of the links that I have listed, or Girl Talk! (Girl Talk’s Wikipedia Page)

gtA friend of mine asked me if I was going to check him out this week at Headliners.  I had no idea who he was talking about, and kinda felt silly (I am not used to being in the dark about music – hence the “Music Snob” title of the blog).  I had to do some research to see what Girl Talk was all about.  Again, since I consider myself up on the mash up scene, I was caught off guard not knowing who Girl Talk was.  It seems that he has released several albums with a new one “Feed the Animals” available for download here.

Now the bad news, I was not able to attend, but you can be sure, I will be getting his music.  Please give him a listen, because he’s pretty good.  Check out some videos below…

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