atmosphere A girl I used to date loved this group.  And due to this, I also grew to love them.  They have also been featured in my favorite music mag “Urb” several times, so I was no stranger to them.

I saw on Twitter the other day that they had a free EP for Atmosphere linked on their blog.  So heck, for free, everyone should go check them out…

Here’s the link


michael jackson

I was in the gym working out, when I saw on the TV that MJ had been taken to the hospital after cardiac arrest.  On the way home, I heard on the radio that it was confirmed that he had indeed, past.  Despite all the controversies over the years, he still was a major influence with music throughout my life.  He will be missed.


ray-liveJust heard on the way home from work that Ray will be live on the WFPK‘s World Cafe at 6:00.  I’m excited to hear him live.

He just released a “Live Session” EP which is an iTunes exclusive series that they do.

You can also check out the review by Vinylfiend of Ray’s “Gossip in the Grain” album in a previous post here:

Click the banner to stream WFPK live over the net!


shehimpastecoverOk, so I was watching Elf tonight and then remembered about Zooey Deschanel‘s music career with M. Ward.  Now you might remember in the movie that Will Farrell caught her singing in the shower and did join in.  The of course later she sang Santa is Coming to Town, but didn’t really show what she can do.  Well, the album did get great reviews, and it’s fun to listen to.

The tracks are easy going, laid back old school that you’d listen to on Sundays.  They did a couple of remakes, including the track I Should Have Known Better by the Beatles.

Check them out, I doubt you’d be disappointed!

She & Him official website

She & Him on MySpace

Video after the break

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Matisyahu in town again at Headliners.  I couldn’t get tickets, because it was sold out. This is his second time in town in the last 3 months. I really couldn’t go anyway because I’m so broke.

I started becoming a fan back in late 2005, when one of my employees turned me on to him.  matisyahuwallShe was like “You have to listen to this Hasidic Jew do raggae”.  The album was Live at Stubbs, and it was crazy good.  This cat can Beatbox pretty well too!  I listened to it a LOT, and then when Youth came out, I picked it up almost immediately.

I have yet to see him live, but he usually plays with some other peeps that I’m a fan of.  For instance, in Indy a couple of months ago, he play with the Mudkids!  Tonight he will be playing with K’Naan, and Trevor Hall.   If you got tickets, please let me know how the show goes.

Check the links/vids to check him out if you dont’ already know!

Matisyahu on MySpace

Matisyahu World webpage

Matisyahu on Wikipedia

Matisyahu on CNN

I was listening to my iPod this morning, and seemed to notice a few Hillary Duff tracks pop up on random.  Really?  Of course, I rank all of the songs that pop up, and gave them both a single star.  My step-daughter noticed this and it seemed to irk her (now I know who ripped the CDs into iTunes).  So I wondered, if there really was anything to her singing…

Here’s what I found, and was disappointed, especially in the sample, and whole basic concept, of her taking Personal Jesus and making it her own.  Peep.

Ray Lamontange’s new album Gossip In The Grain is my new soundtrack for fall and winter. Despite some of the New Orleans “southern cooking” feel to the album, Ray captures the essence of a chilly winter’s night beautifully. Tracks such as “Let It Be Me” and “Winter Birds” and “I Still Care For You”Album Art are great examples of this. His voice morphs into your favourite flannel pajamas or a perfectly brewed, some what bitter, cup of coffee. It has a somehow coarse, grainy sound yet manages to fit right into the notch with the rest of the music. Contradictory to his previous records, Gossip In The Grain shows a somewhat southern side of Ray that hadn’t been exposed before. The track “Hey Me, Hey Mama” represents this immensely. It features a banjo and towards the end a trumpet right out of the French Quarter. Adding this element of southern jazz enriched the album to what I never thought it could be. Not only this, but in “Henry Nearly Killed Me (It’s A Shame)” there is a guitar and trumpet sound faintly reminiscent of the great Beatles themselves. All in all, Gossip In The Grain was a success. Ray Lamontange is a dynamic music an who, if you haven’t already, should definitely check out.

amosleedvdOne of my favorite artists, Amos Lee, release a live DVD today.  I need to wait until Friday, because I’m a little scrapped, but this is a MUST HAVE.

My wife and I have seen him live 4 times, and I think he definitely marks our time together.

If you don’t know who Amos is, you surely have been missing out on a truly great musician.  Peep all the links, search for him on YouTube!

Links and a video after the break.

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I have had this article for a couple of days.  I want to get it out to more people, since it seems not many people have heard about it locally.  Here is a link to the article and the video.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – A Louisville music school that helps at risk students is missing more than $9,000 in valuables after a burglary. The West Louisville Talent Education Center helps students who normally cannot afford violin lessons to learn from an expert. But the tools Keith Cook uses to teach his students are now gone. As WAVE 3’s Maira Ansari reports, now the school is trying to replace some of that equipment as it continues to play on.

If you would like to help the West Louisville Talent Education Center, call 502-776-4696.

Please give if you can.

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