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Matisyahu in town again at Headliners.  I couldn’t get tickets, because it was sold out. This is his second time in town in the last 3 months. I really couldn’t go anyway because I’m so broke.

I started becoming a fan back in late 2005, when one of my employees turned me on to him.  matisyahuwallShe was like “You have to listen to this Hasidic Jew do raggae”.  The album was Live at Stubbs, and it was crazy good.  This cat can Beatbox pretty well too!  I listened to it a LOT, and then when Youth came out, I picked it up almost immediately.

I have yet to see him live, but he usually plays with some other peeps that I’m a fan of.  For instance, in Indy a couple of months ago, he play with the Mudkids!  Tonight he will be playing with K’Naan, and Trevor Hall.   If you got tickets, please let me know how the show goes.

Check the links/vids to check him out if you dont’ already know!

Matisyahu on MySpace

Matisyahu World webpage

Matisyahu on Wikipedia

Matisyahu on CNN

girltalk performingI am a fan of Mash Ups and the artists that create them (in the studio or live).  Being a DJ, this is something you always try to create live to “freak” the crowd.  If you dont’ know what I’m talking about, check out some of the links that I have listed, or Girl Talk! (Girl Talk’s Wikipedia Page)

gtA friend of mine asked me if I was going to check him out this week at Headliners.  I had no idea who he was talking about, and kinda felt silly (I am not used to being in the dark about music – hence the “Music Snob” title of the blog).  I had to do some research to see what Girl Talk was all about.  Again, since I consider myself up on the mash up scene, I was caught off guard not knowing who Girl Talk was.  It seems that he has released several albums with a new one “Feed the Animals” available for download here.

Now the bad news, I was not able to attend, but you can be sure, I will be getting his music.  Please give him a listen, because he’s pretty good.  Check out some videos below…

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DJ Qbert is arguably the greatest scratch DJ/Turntablist in the world.  He was the DMC World Champion in 1992, 1993, & 1994.  Started the now defunct DJ group, the Invisibl Skratch Piklz with Mix Master Mike, Shortkut, & D-Styles.

He has advanced the art, as well as the technology through partnerships with Vestax.  Most recently with the creation of the QFO!

I have collected a lot of info on Qbert and have been a fan for some time (1996ish).  I bought the Turntable TV stuff (on VHS mind you).  I even own the “how to DJ videos” that he had put out on his own and with friends (and I’m not a turntablist).  I just find him to be a freak of nature, and I should not pass up an opportunity to see him.

Anyway, Qbert will be playing at Dublin’s Cellar (942 BAXTER AVENUE LOUISVILLE, KY) Saturday night.  You have to get tickets, and I’m not quite sure how to get them.  But I’m hoping to go.

Video after the break.

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